Thursday, 6 May 2010

Gunshot Ballet

Today, I will return overdue library books and sell tickets to a ball, and I will mourn my lack of a camera, and the daffodils will die and the bluebells will begin, and I will walk until my feet are sore and ride a bus across the city, and I will sit a while with a pretty little lady in a pretty little place, and we will talk about whatever is on the tips of our tongues.
Today, I will also vote.


kerri said...

cannot wait to see you!!!!!xxx

Svenske Floyd said...

May one be so curious as to ask what is your vote?

ray said...

Those are all good tasks. Admirable and sound. I mourn with the loss of your camera for I have lost wonderful images. I rejoice though knowing they will one day return.

I will reread this again later in the day and I will smile, again.