Thursday, 21 January 2010

Heaven's Stranger

Doing the hippy shake to Eat Skull with my best friend who made it over the border for a visit, just in time to eat barbeque tortillas and take these pictures.

I went to a lecture about Christianity and the Visual Arts hosted by my university, given by John Lowrie Morrison, AKA JoLoMo, a fantastic Scottish contemporary artist. I would say that I see more positives about personal belief than organised religion, but visual arts are something immediately accessible to all. Self expression and having faith in something are so important.

His work is so full of life, almost childishly excited about the brilliance of simply being. Very vibrant and distinct yet always familiar, as if he has painted the houses of those characters you read about in story books once upon a time. All the colours are somehow the way I feel on the inside, and the scenes are ones I want to see myself in, living slowly as the world goes by, with boats and birds and the soft breath of not-quite silence.

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Svenske Floyd said...

"I see more positives about personal belief than organised religion". Well said! Martin Luther said so too, and yet there is a Lutheran Church. Some people like to keep their personal belief personal, and others want to share it. There are many ways.