Friday, 11 December 2009


After a rather terrifying experience on a night out, I woke up to this. A sure-fire sign that things are going to be fine.

I went to work a shift at Barnardo's, which always sets a smile on my face, and found that the talk of the shop had finally been put out for customers to lust after. What a beauty.

I hadn't been in some of my favourite little shops for weeks, let alone bought anything. So, I then went on a slight buying spree, but justified, seeing as a contingent of purchases made were for others. After all that, I came home to something I prepared earlier. Thank you thank you thank you, Kate Flaim, for the divine dinspiration!

Salad greens and bacon lardons with wholegrain mustard dressing, roasted beetroot with balsamic vinegar, hardboiled egg, onions cooked in red wine, roasted potatoes and feta cheese. Good food is essential for a good mood.

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