Thursday, 31 December 2009

Auld Lang Syne

Dear year of the ox,
There are many days of new year for me and many days when the year feels new; 1st September, 31st October and 1st January...Tonight is the recognised date in 21st century England, when the year's hourglass is turned upside down to start again. It is the one given to me from birth with countdowns, clock chimes and fireworks. I realise, year of the ox, that you officially end on 14th February, but I can't help but fit my Westernised calendar around you.
You have been trying and a tribulation, a blessing and a curse, offered salty crying and sweet celebration, made me wonder what could be missing and what on earth could be worse. Regardless, you have seen me through some things that have moved and shaped me and I am grateful. However, you are over and I am not, so this is goodbye.
I won't miss you. We might meet again and when we do, I will eat roast beef with horseradish and mashed potatoes, and pretend to plough fields whilst wearing leather and drinking milk. Until then, I promise to remember you, and to grab life by the horns with both hands.
Yours, Fiona

Mairi Campbell and David Francis - Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year everyone! May the next decade be everything you wish it to be.

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Svenske Floyd said...

A Happy New Year to you! Though not being a vegetarian, I still would prefer years to be named from plants rather than animals. My proposal for 2010 is "Year of the Bluebell", to keep hope up!