Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Quiet Now

I've come home to chaos, and trying to fit everything in to two weeks is proving as difficult as holding butterfly wings or separating salt from sand.

The drummers, they go on,
Beating sound like blood around this city.
What should sleep runs riot,
Peace is banished like the quiet,
And I’m not sure that I like it
But those drummers keep on going
On and on into the night.
My blood is beating beating beating,
My eyes shining like a light.
Now I lay me down to sleep
But the drummers just won’t have it
And they keep their primal beat.
Run like blood, like sand, like water
Calling me; “come out, Eve’s daughter,
Come out and join the dance!”
Horizontal in the dark,
When I would be up and running
Spurred on by insistent drumming,
Match the rhythm of my heart.
I am Athena, Aphrodite
Only nobody can see me
I lay still, the drummers pass me
Beating on into the night.

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