Monday, 8 December 2008


i recently contributed a little bit of my time to a project called 'Speak'. it's a collection of stories, anecdotes, poems and personal moments - all about sexual experience. the aim is to break away from the stigma surrounding sex and to let people draw whatever else they wanted from all the anonymous intimacies. the university's feminist society collected and compiled them into a book. GG ran around the library offering up "sex and cakes" as cheap publicity.
ask me to send you one and i will.

i'm not an artist, i'm a communicator. but my entry was a picture, not a passage.
it's one of the only things that sometimes gets me lost for words.

currently: watching RENT; reading AMERICAN PSYCHO (bret easton ellis); wearing GLITTER NAIL VARNISH; eating TUNA, CHEESE AND BRANSTON PICKLE...?; listening to CHROMATICS; and wishing i'd gone to FUNK FAIR and the ANGELS SALE.
there's something quite liberating about capital letters.


Anonymous said...

i would like to see your entry thanksplease. sophie. x

lara said...

the video is great

fash said...

which sophie might that be? x

The Clothes Horse said...

That sounds like a really great project.