Saturday, 6 December 2008

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on."

Adrian Hillard and Angelina Jolie.
the headwear, the lipstick, the curls...
the first went to high school with my flatmate. the closest i'll get to either of them was seeing the latter in 'Changeling'. worthy watching, Jolie was incredible.

"i eat antipasta twice, just because she is so nice! Angelina! the waitress at the pizzeria!
i give soup, minestrone, just to be with her alone! Angelina! the waitress at the pizzeria!"
- Louis Prima


Nicola said...

I've seen Changeling aslo :)
It was fabby to the wabby.
Miss you, Venus x

Matthew said...

Ti vol-glio be-ne
Angelina I adore you
E vol-glio be-ne
Angelina I live for you

E un pas-sio-ne
You have set my heart on fire
But Angelina
Never listens to my song