Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Soleil Me Down

Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand In Mine

There are dreamy days, full of sun and the scent of salt and soil and flowers. Picnics. Lying down and feeling the grass grow, watching the day pass, and not having a care in the world. Circling birds and flying kites and cloudless skies. The smell of the sea on the air. Sunspots. Buttercups and daisy chains. Holding hands, laughing the day long and lapping up ice cream as it drips down your wrist. Freckles. Suncream. Sandy sheets and dirty feet. Warm pavements, bare legs, skipping for no reason. Balmy evenings and shooting stars. Mowed lawns. Dock leaves and dandelion seeds. Apple cores, french fries, iced tea. Well-thumbed books. Noise and naughtiness. Flyaway hair. Open windows. The peace, the calm, the quiet. Joy, elation, love.

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