Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Milk-Eyed Mender

Just having a moment, sat in the cupboard. My flatmates didn't really understand.

The jumper is H&M Menswear and the boots are secondhand from Barnardo's Vintage, and slightly too small but too good to part with. After today's archaeology tutorial and talk about fieldwork this summer, I felt like wearing this.

This week is a little unspeakable. Joanna Newsom has been good company today.

What is it

about train journeys

that's so relaxing?

I feel a bit like I'm in pieces. It isn't necessarily a calamity or a call for therapy. Maybe having parts in pieces lets them make more sense than when jumbled up with everything else. I see mosaics and jigsaws and sand and shattered mirrors. Beautifully broken into bits. Perhaps being in pieces would give me an opportunity to look a little closer, understand better what falls between the cracks.

When I went home, my mother made me tea from the leaves my sister brought back from Paris (for the packaging more than anything).

Ella was wearing a wolf (and one day, I'll have one, and seven cats, and chickens), and now she's on the other side of the world for quite some time.

These are the crocuses I planted for my mum last time I was home. They're shooting upwards into the light and soon I'll feel better, and I will be too.


julia. said...

oh, darling! what a hot wolf sweater!

re: hah! yes, fairy lights must be the word! thankyou, i will change it immediately;) my english is not what it was once upon a time, or should i way shool-english!

thank you dear fash, for your lovely comment! i love your posts too, very much.

is it ok if i link you in my linklist? please let me know...



yiqin; said...

Love the first picture <3

Ida said...

Tea with milk I presume? It certainly looks so:) Absolutely tempting, especially in that cup. It couldn't be more delicately fragile yet rendering such a strong statement. But that's what mums, tea and cups are for I guess:)

I am sorry I didn't get in touch sooner. It has been such a long time, and now blogging feels a bit awkward. But I am glad you are feeling okay, and hopefully the pieces are coming together smoothly before you know it.

Have a lovely weekend and speak soon!


P.S. Big sister's in Paris now?

Te said...

Lovely photos! I often have cupboard moments myself. If I'm annoyed about something I sometimes sit in my wardrobe to get more privacy than my room can offer.