Sunday, 25 January 2009

Burning Alive

Happy 250th birthday, Rabbie!

Thee, Hamilton and Aiken dear,
A grateful, warm adieu!
I, with a much indebted tear,
Shall still remember you.
All hail then, the gail then,
Wafts me from thee, dear shore!
It rustles and whistles -
I'll never see thee more!
- taken from 'The Farewell' by Robert Burns

give the old boy some respect, and read some of his works - i recommend one of my favourites.


Cayt said...

I've managed to be stranded in England for it. A grave mistake on my part, and I'm not sure how I managed it.

Svenske Floyd said...

A toast to Rabbie, yes! Which musical rendering of "Red Red Rose" do you like best?

fash said...

i like it best just left to the words.

Svenske Floyd said...

Interesting point. I can't imagine myself NOT singing that song, but I haven't found any recording of it that I like, so I think I agree with you 50%.